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Koulev Film Production

Anri Koulev

Vladi Kirov

Lubomir Dnev

1885, a few days after that the Unification of Bulgaria between the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia has been announced, six Bulgarians, a woman, who has just lost her child and five men, are travelling the road to war. Each of them has a personal reason that drives them to make this trip.
The British Empire Vice-consul in Plovdiv, Mr. White, is also making a trip so he can hand over directly a message from Queen Victoria to the Bulgarian Prince Alexander I.
Three foreign reporters from big European newspapers, united by their lingua franca set off on the path of war in order to reach the Slivnitsa frontline and report directly the Serbian victory which turns out to be… the Bulgarian victory.
The Russian physician Anastasia Golovina, charged with a special mission, is also headed for the frontline.Through this "road movie" retracing the 14 days of each of these characters, they will face their own destiny according to their own strength, confirming the thought of Socrates, that only the character of human being determines the path of his own life.