BLITZ Volume 9

IWA / Shibuya Productions

Daitaro Nishihara

Cedric Biscay
Tsukasa Mori

left@BlitzManga / left @blitzofficiel / left@blitz.officiel

After one bad performance after another, Tom is in doubt. Seeing that his friend is not doing well, Motoki invites him to his house in Hiroshima. Tom tells him about Caissa, who disturbs him and even seems to block him when he plays. They go to Motoki's club and meet the United States Champion Simon "Mad Dog" Bull, who ends up, after some negotiations, revealing the existence of a strange technique called V-ZON. Tom immediately puts Simon's recommendations into practice, and they pay off.  The qualifications for the Monaco Chess Grand Prix begin. All our friends have registered and the first results are coming in... Against all odds Motoki, who had decided to pass the qualifications on the internet, is put in difficulty by an unexpected opponent.